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Fiber Optic Services

Our premier broadband service. Blazing speeds and performance for businesses of any size.

  • 1Mbps to 1000 Mbps (yes 1 Gbps!)
  • Link two or more locations to create the ultimate wide area network (WAN) solution.
  • Easy to manage Ethernet solution
  • Flexible IP solutions with static IP addresses
  • Simple growth pathway to support more and more users
  • Very low latency connections
  • High Quality and Ultra-reliable business-class NoaNet ring Internet backbone
  • Dedicated Internet connections available. 

Business Class... Not Like All The Rest

OWT primarly serves business with our high-speed Internet,  WAN and phone solutions. We don't oversell our bandwidth or use just any backbone.  We use only the best available network and IP backbone to make sure your business is running as efficiently as possible. OWT will help you get the right service and the most cost-effective service we possibly can. 

Make your business more productive with OWT broadband today!

Current Fiber Promotions

SPECIAL LIMITED TIME pricing for fiber services if you are served by the Benton PUD.  

  • Special IP-Only Internet Services for only 129.95/month for up to 1000 Mbps! 

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OWT offers services on both the Benton PUD and Franklin PUD fiber optic networks. Please note these are business services only. 

A great deal of Kennewick and Pasco can be served with fiber-optic service as well as much of Prosser. Certain parts of Richland, adjacent to Kennewick  and Benton City can be served as well. 

New! We now also offer fiber services in select areas in Richland (near the Richland Airport or George Washington Way)


City Locations/Restrictions
Kennewick Most of Kennewick
Pasco Most of Pasco
Benton City Mostly central locations
Prosser Mostly central locations
Richland Geo Washington Way corridor, Richland Airport area, North Richland areas.
Franklin County Connell, Kahlotus, Mesa and other locations!

There are exceptions to coverage so please contact us with an address so that we can verify availabilty. 

Types of Fiber-Based Services

BlasterInternet Access: get the fastest and most robust Internet service available! Symmetrical connections mean you will get the same performance while uploading as while downloading. Great for hosting Intranet services, corporate Email servers and, of course, high speed access for your business.  We use the high-quality, business-class NoaNet Internet backbone for high reliability, speed and very low latency.  This outperforms most any other broadband option.  

Interoffice/WAN networking: connect multiple locations to your local area network (LAN), video conferencing, small to large business Internet solutions, file sharing, remote access solutions and much more. With speeds up to 1 Gbps!  Fiber services can serve many employees - we have a solution for the smallest or even the largest business. We can link businesses in Kennewick, Pasco and Prosser together and extend your network cost-effectively.

Both WAN networking AND Internet Access: yes you can have it both ways with your Internet access bandwith simply using a portion of your WAN bandwith.  You can have different bandwidth speeds between locations as well as to the Internet. 

Phone Services: use our powerful cloud based PBX system and manage your services, extensions, hunt groups and users from a web interface and enjoy crystal clear calls at a very affordable price. 

Multi-Tenant Options

Certain buildings are eligible for multi-tenant options where we can offer certain fiber services at a reduced price. Here is a list of the buildings eligible for multi-tenant pricing:

  • Quinault Point - 8203 W Quinault
  • Marine Land Village West - 5219 W Clearwater
  • Cenergy Building - 4309 W. 29th Pl
  • 7350 W Deschutes
  • Gage Business Center - 8836 W Gage
  • 7535 Kennewick Ave
  • 7411 W Clearwater
  • Chavallo Complex (7203, 7207, 7211 Deschutes)
  • Columbia Plaza – 6855 W Clearwater
  • Kennewick Square – 3321 Kennewick Ave.
  • Grandridge Professional Center – 7103 Grandridge Blvd.
  • 7401 Grandridge Blvd.
  • 1141 N. Edison
  • 201 N Edison St
  • 100 N Morain

Multi-tenant services are really just for Internet access plans up to 10 Mbps.  You can upgrade to standard service however if you need additional services. 


Fiber pricing varies by location and installation and so it is not practical to provide complete pricing details. Multi-tenant fiber based Internet services start at just $99 / month and standard fiber-optic services start at $159 / month. Complete our eligibility request form and we will provide you with an informal quote of both installation and monthly service costs. 

Email accounts (mailboxes) are included with all fiber accounts of course. Multi-tenant fiber services include 10 mailboxes and standard fiber services include 30 mailboxes. All mailboxes may have free additional spam mailboxes as requested.