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Wireless Services


Wi-Fi Hotspot service is available in various parts of Kennewick. Look for Bentonpud on your wireless device. This is appropriate for laptop and mobile phone users as well. OWT offers daily weekly or monthly Wi-Fi access on this network.

The Franklin PUD offers a Wi-Fi network mostly along I-82 from CBC to Road 100. This is not a hotspot service however since it is a closed network. 

The Benton PUD fixed wireless network is in various parts of Kennewick mostly covering the Badger Canyon, Dallas Road, Creekstone and Canyon Lakes areas. This network uses a proprietary frequency (which is a good thing!) and so will not work with consumer hardware directly. OWT will install a small radio on your building (generally under the eaves - see a photo in the pricing section).  A new, 5 Mbps service, is available now in Benton City!

OWT does offer fixed wireless services in Prosser, WA but only for business customers. 

OWT offers some other wireless access in the Vista Field area as well. 

Pricing - Fixed Wireless Services

West Kennewick, Badger Canyon, Dallas Road, Rancho Reata, Creekstone, Thompson Hill, Canyon Lakes, W. Clearwater, Gage Blvd. and other select areas.  Now available in Benton City! (5 Mbps service only)

Installation/Radio Fee: $100.00; Free with 2 year term contract. 

Minimum Term: 1 year

Pricing Effective: 6/1/2010

    Type Speed Mailboxes Included Monthly Charge
    Residential 3 Mbps 1 5 $39.95
    Residential 5 Mbps 1,2 5 $49.95
    Business 2 Mbps 1 5 $59.95
    Business 3 Mbps 1 10 $89.95
    Business 5 Mbps 1,2 10 $139.95

    1: Actual speeds depend upon many variables but most notably line of sight to a nearby access point. Trees and foliage impact performance significantly. Upload potential for fixed wireless is generally between 1Mbps and 2 Mbps
    2: 5 Mbps service is only available in some locations

    Pricing - Wi-Fi

    W. Clearwater, Downtown Kennewick and select areas of Kennewick.

    Download Speed (potential) Upload Speed (potential) Mailboxes Included Price Period
    1 Mbps 1 Mbps 1 3 $24.95 Monthly
    1 Mbps 1 Mbps 1 3 $64.95 Quarterly
    As an add-on to any other OWT access or web service:
    1 Mbps 1 Mbps N/A $19.95 Monthly
    1 Mbps 1 Mbps N/A $49.95 Quarterly


    1: Upload speeds are best effort and may be somewhat slower than download speeds

    Other Wireless

    We have some other wireless services available including licensed 38GHz services but the availability is not widespread. If you fill out our eligibility form we will let you know if one of these other services could be available in your area.