Dial-up service is Nationwide but see Service Areas and Phone Numbers for specific availability.

Dial-Up Service Monthly Hours Included1 Monthly Quarterly2 Annual2
Standard Dial-Up 540 $19.95 $57.95 $200.00
Lifeline Dial-Up (makes a great backup service too!) 60 3
$9.95 $26.95 $99.95
Dial-Up Bundle (add-on to web hosting, Fiber or Wireless services) 300 3 $10.00 $26.95 $100.00
ISDN 64Kbps (Single Channel) 540 4 $21.95 $62.95 $219.95
ISDN 128Kbps (Dual Channel) 540 4 $44.95 $129.95 $449.50

1 - only one modem may connect at any one time with your account. You may use it on multiple computers but only one at a time. Additional hours not available with Standard plan. All dial-up plans support PPP protocol and up to V.90 modems. Most, but not all, phone numbers support V.92.

2 - Early Cancelation of Annual or Quarterly plans will result in a prorated charge based upon the standard monthly rate plus a $10.00 cancelation fee.

3 - Additional hours $0.50 each.

4 - ISDN is supported at most POPs but not all. Dual Channel hours are per channel. ISDN service through the phone company required.