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Email has become a huge part of most of our lives and OWT wants you to have the flexibility to use your Email effectively. We have many great features and options that set us apart from the pack:

  • Send or Received large files (up to 100MB)!
  • Use POP3, IMAP or web based Email - virtually any client, phone or device should work
  • Configure your own mail filtering options online to minimize spam.
  • Exception list support to restrict or allow specific senders
  • Virus and malware filtering
  • Privacy focused - we don't sell any of your information (anonymous or otherwise)
  • Short addresses available on several domains (  @owt.com is pretty easy to remember!)
  • Personality domains available
  • Multiple Webmail options available
  • Get your own family, group or company domain with full-featured Email
  • Local support to help you get it all working just right