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Email Services

Many of our access or web services include a certain number of Email accounts.  If you wish to add more accounts to your existing account you simply need or order Additional Mailboxes.

Otherwise OWT offers a great Email service! We don't sell your information or the data taken from your Email content. We also don't impose a lot of filtering of your Email but give you the tools to do this yourself so that you can be in control of your inbox. 

All incoming Email is scanned for virus' and malware and a flexible spam filtering tool is available that you can control.  No more losing Email to your provider's aggressive filtering as we put YOU in control. 


Service Qty. Monthly Quarterly 1
Annual 1
Lifeline Email (if you have no other Email services with OWT)
Your first two accounts for under 0.14 per day!
2 $9.95 $26.95 $99.95
Additional Mailboxes - added to any existing account
2 to 4 (ea.) $5.00 $13.95 $50.00
Additional Mailboxes - added to any existing account 5 to 24 (ea.) $3.00 $8.25 $30.00
Additional Mailboxes - added to any existing account 25 to 99 (ea.) $2.25 $6.25 $22.50
Additonal Mailboxes - added to any existing account 100+ (ea.) $2.00 $5.75 $20.00


1 - Early Cancelation of Annual or Quarterly plans will result in a prorated charge based upon the standard monthly rate plus a $10.00 cancelation fee.
2 - All mail accounts or mailboxes include a free spam mail account as well.