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Available Services

OWT offers a variety of services from dial-up to fiber to website design and computer repair. 

Fiber-Optic Based Networking and Internet Services:

Leveraging the high quality fiber networks provided by the Benton and Franklin PUDs, OWT can offer state-of-the-art fiber connectivity and Internet access. We can network multiple buildings together in various parts of Kennewick and Pasco without a lot of complicated network hardware. A remote building can be just another port on your network switch with speeds up to 100Mbps or even Gigabit Ethernet available. Fiber is also a great way to get your Internet access as the performance is just superior to traditional copper technologies. Fiber-based Internet connections are symmetrical which means your outgoing bandwidth is just as fast as your incoming bandwidth so servers and remote access are more than feasible. For reliability, fiber just can not be beat.

Wireless Internet Access:

Using a variety of wireless methodologies we offer wireless services in select areas in the Tri-Cities.  Wireless is great for reaching areas that are not cost-effective to serve with wired solutions but sometimes are just more convenient as well. OWT can offer just the right service for you. 

Dial-Up Internet Access:

We all know that dial-up isn't fast - we won't try to kid you about that. But ours is as good as anyones and sometimes dial-up is just the right service. It can be portable and more available than other access methods and for many it is all they need. We offer a great dial-up service that is available nationwide. We also realize there are a lot of you that only need dial-up on rare occasions so we offer special plans just for you as well. 

Email Services:

Email has become such an important means of communication these days and there are so many options available. Here at OWT we offer flexible Email solutions that will work with any Email device - phone, PDA or computer.  We also know that sometimes you need to send a large file. That's OK with us as we allow up to 100MB Email files!  Webmail, POP3, IMAP - we've got it all.