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Overview of Phone Services

Broadvoice Voice over IP Solutions

OWT offers high quality Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions from Broadvoice that we are confident you will like.  

For smaller organizations we offer a hosted voice service or "Cloud PBX" that overs a tremendous feature set at an affordable price.  

For larger organizations that already have a legacy PBX or another IP-based PBX we can provide SIP trunking as well. 

  • Keep your phone numbers - we can port most any phone number to your Cloud PBX service. 
  • 911 Service
  • Fault-tolerant network - even better with OWT fiber circuits!
  • Amazing features - you won't look back!
  • Buy or lease to own your phones or even use the ones you have in many cases (analog phones will not have access to the full feature set)
  • Apps for Android and iPhone
  • Great support - easy to setup and configure and both Broadvoice and OWT are here to help!
  • Save money and have more features!

Reliability That Goes Above & Beyond

Our SIP Trunking packages allow you to connect your IP-PBX or legacy phone system to Broadvoice's network via SIP, Analog, or PRI hando s, enabling you to leverage our industry leading international rates, our flat-rate domestic termination and our vast origination network. With your current IP-PBX, you get to maintain control over your personal network or configuration while we make sure that all the calls get to where they need to be. When you switch to Broadvoice, you can keep your existing number or get a new one in any of the lower 48 states, regardless of where you’re physically located.

Adding Broadvoice services to your OWT fiber optic Internet services makes for the ideal solution.  OWT Internet services is not required however as we can implement this service on any broadband connection potentially. 

Getting Started

We understand that this can look complex.  We are here to help.  Even if you aren't sure what you need or which services you would like simply fill out the Request a Quote form and we will quote what we can and help you with any questions.  

Feel free to call us at 509-735-0408 and we would be happy to discuss these options with you.